Self Management Mastery

Special Note

Financial self-management website coming soon!

  • Gain better insight into what is blocking positive financial BITEs
  • Set and establish financial goals that are achievable.
  • Identify how you may "get in your own way" when trying to achieve financial goals.
  • Set measurable goals and sub-goals.
  • Create realistic timetables for achieving those goals.

About Financial Self-Management

Goal Implementation

What are some examples of healthy, goal-setting BITEs?

Realize that challenging but feasible goals need a month of effort to achieve. Sub-goals can be accomplished on a weekly basis.

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Reward Progress

Progress on your sub-goals increases your task confidence.

Small goals, like curbing your impulse purchases at a certain store, can go a long way toward your overall goal of financial wellness.

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Your Financial BITEs

What are your BITEs in certain purchase situations?

Recognizing your own BITEs when viewing advertising, budgeting, saving, and other situations is critical ro achieve change.

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